Classy White Feather Dress

A week ago I had the opportunity to be a part of my close friend Val Around Town’s event. Val, some other great bloggers, and I teamed up with a cute boutique called Tutu Cute by Jacqueline Smooke. The clothes are really too cute! I loved my white feather dress that I wore. We also teamed up with Mont Largo Properties in Houston. We were able to take pictures at some of their beautiful properties. Christine with CWrightPhotography was able to capture the true beauty of the outfits at these gorgeous homes. Also we were able to celebrate with champagne and cotton candy. Thanks to Lauren (Toast From The Host) for the cotton candy.

My absolute favorite part of this dress are the feathers. It’s so much fun! Here is a closer look at this adorable dress.


This dress is classy and it pictured beautifully in front of this french window.

If you are wondering if that’s a Ferrari then you are correct. Mont Largo knows how to give their clients a first class experience. Post will be coming soon to blog to let you know a little more about Mont Largo Properties.

This white dress is very unique. It’s not something that you can find just anywhere. Jacqueline is great to work with and you can order online. Check out some of her clothes here.


This post is a collaboration with Mont Largo Properties, Tutu Cute boutique by Jacqueline Smooke, C.Wright Photography, and Twirl Cotton Candy by Toast From The Host. All opinions are my own.


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